About Abena Pilates

You have to feel it, to teach it!

Abena moved to America in 2009 from London, UK. She first enjoyed the beaches of Santa Monica in California, before moving to the East coast in New York City. She's an adept of fitness and well-being, having practiced Yoga, Spinning and Zumba classes but she truly found her calling in Pilates. The method made her stronger, giving her more control over her body movement and posture. This satisfying feeling cannot be described but rather experienced and as the owner of Abena Pilates, her mission is to make people feel like her... fabulous!

Abena holds a Romana certification in Pilates and an ELDOA Level 3 certification from the Legacy Performance and Integrated Wellness Center.


Garland Studio, Los Angeles


Abena joined Garland Studio as an apprentice and became a certified Romana instructor under the mentorship of Trish Garland.

True Pilates, New York


When Abena moved to New York in 2016, she was welcomed as an instructor at True Pilates, home of the Romana certification program. 

Winsor Pilates, Los Angeles


Abena had the privilege to join Mari Winsor's studio. The opportunity provided her the platform to perfect her teaching style.

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